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Fiesta Collectors In The Seattle Times

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Here's a nice story in this week's Seattle Times about how people are getting through tough economic times by finding roommates to share the rent. Note the Fiestaware reference at the beginning of the story:

In tough times, the rented room is resurgent

Homeowners and renters team up, sacrificing some privacy for the chance to share expenses in tough times.

by Nancy Bartley


Midwest girl with Fiestaware seeks housemate for green living.

Writer with four turtles in tub, cats in basement, six dogs and 50-some fish seeks human roommate without pets.

Woman with three jobs, chest pains and unemployed husband seeks roommate.

Students and teachers. Animal rescuers. Clerks and construction workers. Singles and marrieds, and both the un- and the employed are doing it — sharing their housing with strangers for a fee.

What used to be regarded as an arrangement by college students, and given up when one gets a job, is now becoming a way of life for folks who either can't afford the high cost of rent or are seeking ways to pad their wallets and pay the mortgage by home-sharing." the rest of the article:

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