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Butternut Squash

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I put Butternut Squash as long as a foot ball in my microwave and nuke it for two minutes and let it cool. Then I nuke it again for two minutes and let it cool.

Keep doing this until your squash is soft and easy to peel and cut.

Why keep a hammer and machete handy when you can nuke it.

I cut mine in quarters after peeling and place them individually into a microwave cooker with lid with a small amount of water and steam them for about seven minutes. When soft, add butter and brown sugar and mash them up and put several cups in a zip lock freezer bag and freeze. You can eat squash for a month, if you are the only one that likes it.

I raised some squash that was round and had a little cap on it where the vine attached. The first time I raised it there were too many and I pulled about ten off when about half grown. For the heck of it I sliced one with a big knife. The seeds were clear. I nuked that thing and put butter and salt on it. Those seeds were the best eating I have ever had in my life. Extreemly rich nutty taste. Try it.

Pumpkin and Squash seeds - don't throw them away. Separate, wash and clean and put on a cookie sheet. Salt while wet. Cook at 350 about seven minutes till brown and eat. Yes, eat them. It is called fiber. It is one of the best prostate fighting foods on the market. If you don't like them, make your husband eat them. LOL

Onions go bad. If you have one of more going south, cut the top and bottoms off, thinly cut latitudally (if that is a word) and pull the husk off. Cut into 1/4 inch slices and chop (rinse whenever they start hurting your eyes) and place in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator. They will keep a longer time this way and my wife is always asking me to take the good ones and dothis. I speeds up her cooking. She works E.R. and doesn't have much time.

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