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Fried Chicken Without Altitude Sickness

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Cut up your chicken and then boil it for one hour. Remove from water and dry, then fry after dipping it in your regular mixes.

You will have a bloody mess if you try to cook chicken for 25 minutes in Idaho. I have found this works much better. You might even like it better in Texas.

Try buying a Rosemary potted plant and ignore all the warnings not to over water. I water mine just like any other plant and I put it outside on the East side of the house during the summer.

Fresh rosemary is like grinding your own coffee, wheat, etc. It just puts more "umpf" into whatever you are doing.

Rosemary is an herb. Herb medical treatment in horses and dogs is proving better than shots for all the diseases owners are trying to fight with five way shots that some say are killing colts and having all kinds of side effects on the viability of reproduction in mares and studs.

Email me if you are interested. I have cured kidney disease in a horse and a blue healer kicked under the eye. I used infection fighter herbs mixed with olive oil and it did its job in one to four days. I'm a believer.

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