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Sand to light brown edges collectors plate

front has the word sapulpa oklahoma -state map-oil derrick - buildings - teepees-arrowhead at bottom and feathers of side edges.

back - has two piercings at top to hang- FRANKHOMA- SAPULPA FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN. 1972


egg plater mustard yellow with small dark specks will hold 16 eggs

back- FRANKHOMA 819

appreciate any info you are willing to share

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On the first item, Frankoma has a long history of producing custom items for various businesses. You can find a small sample of the types of companies they've done work for on the web page under 'custom'. In general, these don't have a huge amount of value other than to people with a specific interest. The commemorative plates (such as the bicentennial or OK 50th Anniversary plates) have somewhat greater value. There are exceptions, though. Things like the Keebler tree cookie jar have intrinsic value because they're so unusual and distinctive.

The second item is an egg plate which was discontinued for many years. Frankoma has recently re-introduced the smaller egg plate, but I think yours is the large one. Mustard yellow is a reasonably uncommon glaze, but not rare.

Welcome to collecting Frankoma items. You may find that there's such an immense array of items that you'll want to specialize in a particular type of item or glaze color. Or maybe you'll just choose to buy pieces that you like without regard to any pattern or scheme (that's me!). Good luck.

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