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Building A New House / Kitchen

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At 65 I decided to build a new house on our acreage. I was the General Contractor and chose all the subs and I penciled out the floor plans and had an architect draw the plans.

One of two huge floor plan books gave me some excellent advice. Find a room or section of one floor plan that I liked and work from there, add things to it and “roll your own” floor plan, i.e. you will never find someone else’s that will fit you.

I found a huge open kitchen off a huge open living room. At the last second I found out I could put a cathedral ceiling over that section. We worked with a cabinet salesman to plan the lay out to our satisfaction with his suggestions. He worked in Sun Valley a lot and had seen some really nice layouts from people that have eight houses all over the world. He knew his “stuff.”

We also put in two things he had never seen before. Six swing out bar stools and two solar tube lights over the sink and work areas.

We picked out the biggest sink you ever saw. It was circular at one end on the right and rectangular on the other. We used a gas five-burner top with a slide in electric convection oven and a Frigidiare Microwave and Vent over them. For a frig space, we went humongous. Those suckers are getting bigger and bigger, not smaller and smaller.

My computer set up is in the corner about seven feet from the oven. I can pull recipes off the net and cook from the screen.

We have cement floors with radiant floor heat. Three 3x4 windows that have a view of the Sawtooth, Lost River, Lemhi’s and the Bitter Root mountains.

Our walls are 10 inch foam blocks filled with rebar and cement, R 45 +. It goes off the scale and is hurricane approved by Dade County, Florida.

We have a huge closet off the stove for an appliance storage. All halls and passageways are four foot. Our walk-in food pantry is a thing of joy. You can buy a case of this and a case of that and just throw it on the shelves. The base cabinets have 40” cabinets with double doors under a big drawer and the shelves slide out. The wall cabinets don’t go to the ceiling, leaving room for decorations. We have antique bottles, barbed wire, a saddle, a Charlie Goodnight branding iron, small pictures etc. up there and we love it.

If you are tired of always living in someone else’s house, and God tells you to build; GO FOR IT!

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