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Corn Meal

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I bought Walton's yellow corn and parched it the way the Amish do in the oven at 340 for about 15 minutes and ground it with my Country Living hand grinder. It is better than store bought, but my buddy in Indiana told me of his friend that has a white corn, poor producer, but the best taste he has yet discovered.

What have been your experiments? Do you parch white corn like you do yellow? Living in Idaho at 3600 feet kind of takes most tomatoes and white corn varieties away from you. It also means you have to learn to "tweek" every recipe.

For the uninitiated, grinding your own grain is a very exciting step "up" on the cooking ladder. Your "food chain" will have all of your family and neighbors coming over.

Dumplings with sweet basil, parsley and fresh chopped Rosemary blew my socks off just this week. I had been putting in fence all week and was just too tired to do noodles and wait for them to dry. I usually tweek my recipes and have gotten into trouble, but this one put itself into the record books.

Try the Vanishing Oatmeal cookie recipe from Quaker Oats with butter and fresh ground spring wheat. At 3600 feet, add about a half cup more flour. Another bell ringer moment. Leave your eggs out overnight and mix your spices in and let set for 30 minutes.

Whole wheat bread: take several cups of water and fresh ground spring wheat and soak overnight and then complete your cooking. I use some coarse ground winter and mostly spring. You will throw rocks at the bread you use to think was so good.

Read this issue of Mother Earth News (yes, I know, but do it anyway LOL) for the chart on regular flour and whole wheat fresh ground. The nutritional differences separate the healthy from the dying.

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