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Finding St. Genevieve Wine

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Wanda in Brenham, Texas recently asked Dr. John about where to purchase St. Genevieve wine. (See the November, 2008 Ask Dr. John)

As I live closer to Wanda's "side of the state," allow me to offer a suggestion, which I'll post publically on the message forums.

Fortunately for consumers, St Genevieve is one of the most distributed Texas wines, targeting their low priced wines to major grocery stores. Now I do not know if Brenham is located in one of Texas' dreaded "dry counties." If it is, just drive over to Houston and visit a Randall's / Safeway grocery store. All the Randall's stores in Austin have all of the St. Genevieve wines in their wine aisle. I'm certain that the stores in Houston / Harris County would as well.

If it is more convenient, check out your nearest super Wal Mart. I've seen St. Genevieve there too.

Congratulations on your interest in Texas wines. Buy Texas!


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