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Help Needed Identifying A Pitcher

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This is my first time ever on a message board - I hope I am doing this correctly and not commiting a mortal sin. I have acquired a Homer Laughlin white pictuer with shiney gold print and trim. The print is spaced through the pictuer and it appears to be a flower much like a daisy or brown eyed susan. There are 3 flowers on each sprig and two sets of tiny leaves on same. The nosegays are about 1" long and are spaced through the pictuer. THere is a border design along the top in gold using what to me appear to be appleblossoms and fancy scrolls. The pitcher itself is molded with a swirly design along the top and bottom of the pitcher. The pouring spout is scallped and also has the raised design in the molding of the pitcher. Handle is very elaborate with one large 'C' at the top and then a straighter piece from the bottom of the C to the side of the pitcher. The handle is elaborately designed with ribbon edge and more. The bottom has Homer Laughlin and above that a somewhat fleur d lis design as well as a number in gold 2263. Though the first, third and fourth numbers appear to be stamped on in gold, the second 2 appears to be drawn on in gold. The edge of the pouring spout and the edge of the scalloped bottom are both lined with gold. Can anyone tell me how old this is?[When I go on Google to date code this - it only talks about either no code or codes with letters and numbers. Please help me understand what I have here. I love old things and this pitcuer just caught my eye. I live in New York State and as much Homer Laughlin as I've seen at sales, flea markets, etc., I've never seen this gold design - it appears to be a decal, but for all I know could be painted. HELP - my name is Linda and I'd love to hear from you. I could try to take pictures and send via e-mail. Let me know.

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