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Seeking Green Desserts

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This Texas Cooking reader asked us this week about desserts for her upcoming dinner party:

I belong to a gourmet club and on December 11 we are having a dinner. The theme is 'green'. I know I can make Grasshopper Pie, Green Jell-O, Mint Parfait, Key lime Pie but I really would like something a little different. Any suggestions? I would really love the input and recipes.

Thanks so much for any help or suggestions,



We reply:

Dear S:

Sandy --

I have three suggestions:

Guacamole -

Green Rice -

Glenn's Nippy Pineapple Salad -

The guacamole is pretty obvious so may not be original enough for you. Green Rice is an excellent side dish -- very tasty. My personal favorite, though, is Glenn's Nippy Pineapple Salad. While it is made in part with Jello, it has lots of other ingredients, is light green, and has a really unusual combination of flavors -- sweet, savory and unique.

Your Green Dinner sounds like a lot of fun. I hope I've given you some recipes to think about.

If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to post here. -Steve

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