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Frankoma Collection And Prices

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For the best pricing go to the Frankoma Family Collector's Association website. Here you can find a price guide for many items or purchase book price guides also. Your #77A 17" Fireside Pitcher is one of my favorite Frankoma pieces. It was made from 1942-1974. The 1942- 1953 version would be made from Ada clay (light tan or honey colored, check the bottom of the piece) and is worth $100-$150. The other version was made from 1955-1974 and would be made from Sapulpa clay (Brick red for the 1950-1960's and then a lighter red into the 1970's. This version would be worth $75- $80. Either way this is a great piece and I hope you enjoy it. There is also a companion piece to the pitcher, a 17" #77 two handled Fireside vase which is in the same style. Here is alink to the FFCA website:FFCA

I am including a picture of mine also.Frank_77A_PG.jpg

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