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Flight Into Egypt - Plate

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I have recently started collecting Frankoma plates. My sister thinks that there was a plate that was released in the 60's that was called Flight Into Egypt, but she doesn't have any further info. Can anyone tell me if there is such a creature, and if so, what glazes should I be looking for this plate in... Oh - what would be a fair price for me to pay for this piece?

Thanks for your help.

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You are looking for a 1968 Christmas plate. The series was started in 1965 and continues still to this day. They were inspired by the Christmas story and the fact that the life of Christ has been an inspiration of more "Art" in all its mediums than any one subject in the history of the world. The glaze on all of the Christmas plates is called "Della Robia White". The value would be about $10-$20. John Frank was innovative in many ways including the introduction of these as the first Christmas collector plate series in America. From 1965 - 1973 the plates are signed by the artist John Frank. Plates since 1974 are signed by his daughter Joniece Frank who took over the factory after John's death. Ebay is a good source for the Christmas plates. Enjoy your collecting!

Here is a picture of mine.


For current pricing on plates and other Frankoma items visit the Frankoma Family Collectors Association web site at:


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