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Grilling Recipes

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Does anyone have any good recipes for the barbecue or grill

Just about anything is good on the grill and of course you can get different flavors from the different woods you can smoke with. A friend had some zucchini squash that got really HUGE. They weren't sure if it was edible, but sliced it into about 1/2-inch thick discs, put it on the grill and brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with pepper and garlic salt. YUM! It was wonderful. Occasionally, the outside skin was a little tough, depending on how mature the zucchini was, but mostly we ate the whole thing.

Just about any kind of vegetable can be cooked on the grill. There are all sorts of "cages" and other types of pans for use on the grill for smaller foodstuffs that might fall through the grate. Usually all that is needed is some oil/butter/margarine and some seasonings (GARLIC!). I love garlic.

You can't beat a good ol' steak on the grill and my wood of preference for steaks is Mesquite. I've never had a tough Rib Eye, but usually buy Sirloin because they're cheaper. Try to find one with some marbeling of fat. I like to rub a little Worcestershire sauce on both sides of the steaks, a little olive oil, and then rub with lemon/pepper, and granulated garlic. Before serving, sprinkle with a little salt of your choice, if desired. Cook to medium or medium rare for a more tender and flavorful steak.

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