Help Identify Frankoma Piece/decanter

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Hi, I have a Frankoma piece that I acquired a few months ago but I can't find any info on it and I haven't seen another one. It doesn't have an number imprinted into it but it is imprinted with "FRANKOMA" on the bottom. It looks like someone wrote the number 120 in pencil on the side. It is a decanter of some sort. It is pretty I would just like to date it and know its value. I have posted a couple of pics!

If anyone has any info on this piece, I would really appreciate it!


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You have a #83 2-quart Fingerprint Decanter (also called a Thumb Print Decanter). Frankoma made this piece from 1942 to 1953, so there's no question that it's Ada clay (since Ada was used until 1954). Your decanter is Prairie Green, it appears to be in excellent condition, and the stopper is present. Book value for the #83 is $60-75. This is a very nice piece of Frankoma. You made a good choice when you acquired it.

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