Mystery Frankoma Piece

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I've bought and sold several pieces of Frankoma pottery but most are easy to describe. this piece kind of looks like some kind of candle holder but I've been unable to find one similar anywhere. I'm quite certain it is Prairie Green and it has the words "Frankoma" and "WA1" on the bottom.

I took advice I read here and joined photo bucket and downloaded pictures of it. Anyone who can identify exactly what this is and any other information please post. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully here is the link to view the piece.

Thanks much

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So many people are confused by the WA1, especially when it's unaccompanied by a companion piece. The WA1 is a warmer. It is meant to keep warm the contents of a dish or carafe or fondue pot that sets directly upon it. The rather large depression in the bottom of the warmer accommodates a votive candle. Actually, Frankoma made several warmers: the WA, WA1, WA2 and the 82W, which was a companion piece to the #82 Coffee Carafe. The WA1 was put into production in 1974 and continued well into the 1990s. It's book value is $12-15.

And, yes, your WA1 is Prairie Green.

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