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I was at Carson Pirie Scott today because a lady in Macy's told me they carried Fiesta. We saw several Marigold Large Oval Platters and Baking Bowls on sale. we are now stalking them until they are reduced some more.

Hello, I work at a Dillard's Dept store and I also collect Fiesta. We are carrying the Marigold color items. We sale all Fiesta below retail. The baker bowls are $130 at our store and the retail on the box is $189.99. The platters at Dillard's are $70 and retail is $99.99. So if you check Macy's, their regular price is retail then they bring it down to Dillard's price. These items will probaly not be going any lower before their retirement date. Dillard's puts retired items on clearance eventually. So the items will probally not go any lower in price anytime soon. The bowls will retire Sept. 1, 2009 and the platter will retire Sept. 1, 2010. The next piece will be introduced in April 2010 (mystery piece) and then the placesets will be released in 2011. We get 2 of each of the bowl set and platters at a time in stock but it is very seldom that they come in. Can be hard to find because they are very sought after.

Hope this helps :)

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