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Frankoma Candleholder, Trivet, Wall Hanger?

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I have a Frankoma wagon wheel pattern, 6 1/4 inch diameter round object in prairie green glaze (my parents purchased in the 1950's) that I thought was a trivet and posted it as such on my website. But, today, as I was searching online for other pottery pieces I doubt that I have it named correctly. It has a hole in the center like it was made for a candle. But, it is not the typical candleholder ashtray - as it does not have a handle. It also has a hole in the top that looks like it is for hanging it on a wall. I've searched through the books I have and online and have yet to find one like it. Any info on this would be great!

I can't figure out what my image url is so perhaps, one could click on my website to see it.

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