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Prairie Green? 64 Or G4?

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I've googled and ebay searched with no answer to my question.

I don't know what this is. My guess- a Prairie Green pillow vase, ada. Am I correct? when I search Frankoma 64, I keep getting hits for 10" vases. G4 did'n get me anywhere either.

Are you able to find this one? Any help would be appreciated.

dimensions are

5"tall x 3.5" wide by 2" deep. It has a stamped Frankoma and has a ?? 64 ??

(I don't know what I'm doing with trying to insert pics. Please email/or give your email and I can send some pics to you) Thanks

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Your guess is correct. Your #64 vase is a 5-inch Oriental Pillow Vase. This is a particularly nice piece, I think, because it was produced only in 1942, so it can be specifically dated to one year. Book value for this piece is $35-45, although I think it could bring more, especially in the rarer glazes.

Frankoma did in fact recycle the number 64 for a 9-inch octagonal vase beginning in 1974. It is a much more common piece; I see it frequently on eBay. Its book value is listed at $10-12.

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There were several glazes that were produced only in 1942: Silver Sage, Dusty Rose, Rosetone (also called Desert Rose), Sky Blue, Early Matte Yellow, and the first version of Frankoma Turquoise (very thick and creamy and not at all translucent like later Turquoise glazes). Any of these would be considered on the rare side.

But there are earlier glazes that go back to 1933: Verde Green (1933-34), Verde Bronze (which evolved into Prairie Green) 1933-36, Old Gold (which evolved into Desert Gold) 1933-42, Maple (which evolved into Texas Brown and later to Osage Brown) 1933-34, Jade Green (1934-38), Fawn Brown (1934-42), Blue-Grey Jade (1934-38), Dove Grey (1934-38), Pompeian Bronze (1933-38), Cherokee (1933-38), Royal Blue (1938-42) and Gun Metal (1933-38).

You can see how getting to know a glaze can help you date the piece.

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