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I have been searching stores and the internet for the new bowls that were supposed to have come out in the new color -- marigold. They were supposed to be available as of April 1, but the stores that carry Fiesta here -- Macy's and Kohl's didn't have it, and didn't know what I was talking about when I asked. Now, I've been looking online, but no one there seems to have it, either! Has anyone found the new color? Where?

Oh-- don't know if I'm supposed to introduce myself, but I am new to this site, found it while searching for fiestaware. I don't actually live in Texas, but I did live in Houston briefly when I was 6 yrs. old. I am from Norman, OK, though, with roots all over the South, so I do cook a lot of Texas style food. We had chili and cornbread last night. I live near San Francisco now. My grandmother collected Fiesta, and I started collecting it about 10 years ago. My grandmother died 2 years ago, but, unfortunately, one of my cousins got all her Fiestaware. Her favorite color was red (the old radioactive red, which is really orange), so I've bought some of it on ebay, but I usually buy new stuff. I like the current red -- I think it's called scarlett.


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Staci --

The 75th Anniversary Color, Marigold, is available in a 3-piece mixing bowl set through the online Homer Laughlin China Company store. If for some reason that link doesn't work, you can paste this into your browser: http://www.homerlaughlin.com/ffd/home.asp. I don't know if other pieces are or will be available in Marigold.

Apparently, the new 2008 Fiesta color is Ivory, which will be available in June, 2008.

Thanks for bringing this up. Fiesta fans are always eager to hear the latest Fiesta developments.

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I just received the latest edition of "The Dish," which is the publication of the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association. Here's what it had to say about Marigold:

...HLC also surprised everyone by announcing their 75th Anniversary color: marigold.

The 75th anniversary is not until 2011; however, HLC is starting the celebration early by making a special anniversary piece each year beginning April 1, 2008. The 2008 anniversary piece is the new 3-piece baking bowl set. The set will be sold for 75 weeks in the color marigold and then retired in that color in September 2009. The anniversary items will be identifiable by a special back stamp . . .

Each April in the following years, HLC will present another item in the anniversary color, and will run that item for 75 weeks, then retire that item. In June of 2011, marigold will start being released in all the Fiesta items for that year (excluding the special anniversary pieces already made) and retired the following year. That will make marigold one of the colors in the Fiesta line with the shortest run and, who knows, it may become one of the most collected.

That's nice to know in advance.

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