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I've been a collector of Frankoma for many years now. I found my first piece at a junk shop in Illinois. Since then we were transferred to Louisiana, Georgia and now finally, the North Dallas area. I've always been able to find lots of different pieces at reasonable prices - especially in South Louisiana. That is until we moved to Texas! Since moving here, I've been in a dozen "antique" and junk shops around the Metro area and rarely find any Frankoma. When I do find pieces they are usually very common and always overpriced. While I know that you can easily get things on Ebay, it is way more fun hunting through the junk shops for them. Can anyone suggest some places in the North Texas area that have a good selection of Frankoma? Also, we were thinking of taking a trip up to East Oklohoma / Sapulpa this summer and was hoping to hit as many little shops along the way. So suggestions in Oklahoma would also be appreciated. Thanks. mango:

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I agree with you completely. It really is more fun to run across treasures in junk shops and flea markets. Unfortunately, during the last ten years or so, two things have drastically reduced the possibility of having that pleasure: (1) Antiques Roadshow, the PBS television program, and (2) eBay.

Antiques Roadshow has heightened people's awareness of the possible value of dusty old objects stuck away in the attic thus creating higher prices. And, of course, eBay is easy and a lot cheaper for many sellers and, in many cases, the same advantages can be enjoyed by buyers.

It's still possible to find things the old-fashioned way, but you have to look a lot harder, cover more ground and "kiss a lot of toads."

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