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New to the sight, familiar with Frankoma growing up as a kid. I've inherited an extensive wagon wheel collection from my mom and dad.

Anyway, I was watching the TV show Mad Men, a drama on AMC based on a early 60's era advertising executive and his family. I noticed she was feeding her kids their morning breakfast on Frankoma dinnerware. They are definately going for "period correct" in this series.

I just wondered if anyone else noticed it?


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Dang! No, I didn't notice it, and I watched quite a few episodes. It's possible I missed the episode you're talking about because I don't recall anyone feeding kids. I'll make sure to watch for reruns, though. You're very the observant.

By the way, you're fortunate to have a large collection of Wagon Wheel. It's my favorite Frankoma dinnerware pattern.

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