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2008 Fiesta Collectors Conference Announcement

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2008 marks the tenth year for the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association Conference, where hundreds of enthusiastic collectors will meet to study, discuss, buy and sell Homer Laughlin pottery. We have attended the past four confereces, and urge anyone with an interest in Fiesta or other china to attend.

You will meet interesting people from all over the country, and also have the opportunity to see many rare Fiesta and other Homer Laughlin pieces that are difficult to find. There is a fun auction and dealer's room. We've always left every show with lots of great stuff. (I picked up ten post-86 chop plates, current pieces but difficult to locate for sale in department stores or websites.)

This year's conference is in Minneapolis, MN. My closest experiences with this city is from watching the Mary Tyler Moore television show. So I am making a vacation for this show, planning a extra day or two in order to see the Walker Art Museum (although I suspect many others might prefer the Mall of America

For more details, hotel information and online registration, just visit the HLCCA website.

Here is the direct link http://www.hlcca.org/conferences/Conf08.php

Feel free to post any questions.


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