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My First Post! I signed up hoping somebody could help me.

I live in Sydney, Australia & about 15 years ago we were able to buy a spice product called Tex Mex which had the slogan "The taste of Texas in a shaker!". It was the best spice ever but we haven't seen it since. I was hoping it was from the US & may still be available.

If anybody can give me some info I'd really appreciate it.

Thanx for looking.

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I don't recall seeing a product like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if your "taste of Texas" was merely chili powder. Commercial chili powder is a mixture of powdered chiles (usually dried poblanos, anaheims, anchos, etc.) mixed with ground cumin (comino), and small amounts of other seasonings like garlic powder, salt, etc.

Or it might have been something like taco seasoning, which also is basically chili powder. You sprinkle it over ground beef while browning it.

There are lots of different brands of both chili powder and taco seasoning, and most are pretty good. If you know someone in the US, you could have them go to the supermarket and buy three different brands of chili powder and/or taco seasoning and send them to you. I know it's hard to find Internet food stores that ship internationally. But you could try eBay, too. Practically everything is sold there, and many US sellers ship internationally.

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