Frankoma Eagle Pitcher Glaze Color Help

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Hi All, New here so if I do something wrong just let me know.

I have this little Frankoma #555 Eagle pitcher. It measures 2 1/2" tall. I am trying to figure out the glaze.

Is this glaze Redbud? Anything you can throw at me would be a great help.

Have a nice Sunday.

Here are the links to the photo's.

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Thanks for the links to the nice photos. Like they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Your #555 Eagle pitcher is part of Frankoma's very popular series of miniature pieces with mold numbers running, roughly, from 500 to 562. The 555 was produced from 1942 to 1964. Yours is definitely Redbud on Ada clay, and this would put its book value at $30-45. Since Redbud is such a sought-after glaze (some people collect only Redbud), I'd put the value of your piece in the higher end of the range. Congratulations!

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