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Texas Ld Shootout

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We're doing a Long Distance Boomerang Tournament Oct. 15-17, 2004, at George Bush Park in Houston. Last year's 'National Boomerang Expo' held there was a huge success. It was the National Championship tournament of the U.S. Boomerang Assoc. with a full slate of boomerang contest games

This tourney is strictly for Long Distance throwing, and will probably see throws of 130 meters or more (out & back!). This is absolutely amazing to watch! There will be participants from all over the U.S. here to compete for the Long Distance title.

Most likely, though, some impromptu games with other types of boomerangs will spring up, such as Trick Catch, which is also fun to see.

If you've ever wanted to learn to throw a boomerang, come on out! We'll teach you!

Holler at me for more information.

Dave Hughes

Richmond, TX

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Dave --

If you'll email me at info@texascooking.com with the particulars for this event, I'll make sure it gets into the Texas Events Calendar. Seems like we listed it last year, too, as I remember. Just include whatever information about the event (you can be long-winded if you like -- although we do reserve the right to edit if necessary) and be sure to include a contact phone number. The listing is free. It sounds like a good time.

Patricia Mitchell

Texas Cooking Online

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