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Fiestaware Number 1 Red Mixing Bowl $5...worth $325! Med

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So I was on ebay, and I saw the red Mixing Bowl number 1 on ebay for 5$, I knew that this had to be a scam, so I looked closer. It was the number one with the rings on the inside and everything!!! The seller had no idea what they were doing, suggesting that it would make a good planter!!! LOL. So i looked at the pricing list on www.mediumgreen.com , and found it to be worth $325!!!!!! So there's already one bid on it from someone who knows what they are doing, I might near the end, but don't have the $$ to compete. Probly just put a high max bid at the beginning and hpe no one out bids me... I know I shouldn't be making more competion for myself... but i had to tell someone. Their also selling a bunch of bowls, some might be medium green, but I cant tell. Good luck!

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