Help With Frankoma Bear Figurine?

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I have a pottery figurine that I've been told (and I believe) is by Frankoma. I'll post a photo soon, but...did Frankoma make a bear figure? It's perhaps 4 inches across (from memory). I could find nothing online. Is it valuable? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hokeypix --

I hate to disappoint you, but your piece is not Frankoma. Over the years, Frankoma has made lots of animal pieces -- pumas and other cats, lots of different horses, birds, ducks, turtles, coyotes, dogs, squirrels, elephants and more -- but no bears. Because the Prairie Green glaze is so synonymous with Frankoma, many people assume that any piece of greenish-brownish pottery is Frankoma. Not only is your bear's glaze a darker green and much darker brown than Frankoma's Prairie Green glaze, it is quite glossy -- almost a varnished look. Frankoma pieces do not have that finish.

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