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Aztec Blue Cream Pitcher

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I tried posting this, earlier; but it isn't showing up. I hope I'm not posting it a second time.

I found this little Aztec pitcher with the impressed "FRANKOMA" mark. I'd like to know what color

blue this is and about when it was made. It is a light blue and has a number, "55_". The 3rd number

may be a "7", but I can't see the top line on it. I believe it is Ada clay. Unfortunately, it has a chip on the bottom of the spout; so I don't know if it is of any value. Thanks for any information. Lucy

Larger picture of bottom and mark:


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Lucy --

You have a #551 Mayan-Aztec mini pitcher, and if the color in your photo is true, then it's Clay Blue. The #551 was produced from 1942 to 1961. I can tell from the photo of the bottom that your #551 is made of Ada clay, so that means it was produced prior to 1955. (Thanks for the excellent photos, by the way.) The chip is unfortunate, but it's still a nice piece.

Book value for the #551 -- unchipped -- is $45-60. Since Clay Blue is not one of the more common glazes, I'd put it in the middle to higher range.

Just so you'll know, we have had to go to a system of approving each post before it appears on the forum because we were getting so many inappropriate and undesirable postings from spammers and "bots". That's why your post did not show up immediately.

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Thank you for the information!! I really appreciate your help.

I think the colors in my pictures are pretty close; but it is hard for me to

get them right, sometimes.

I understand about the "approving" posts, too. I've seen some boards that

did not have that, and it can be horrible.

Thanks, again!

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