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Rare Mugs

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Hello to anyone who might be able to help me...

My mother-in-law has the Plainsman Frankoma dishes in Desert Gold. She had four (now three) unique mugs...they have a double handle. The best way I can describe them is that instead of having a typical handle, there are two circles - one for each middle and pointer finger. They are taller than the regular mugs. I have looked numerous times on ebay as well as other sites and cannot find them. I know they are rare, but am wondering just how rare they really are. My husband broke one and I would love to surprise his mother with a new one (or several), but they seem impossible to find. I read another thread about the barrel handle mugs and I think these are different (I looked at a picture of a C9 mug and it was different than what my mother-in-law has). The handle is made out of two complete circles. Can anyone help me out?


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