Frankoma Cookie Jar #99

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I have a frankoma cookie jar (#99) with a trojan horse lid, in prairie green glaze, stamped frankoma with an oblong o. The best I can tell the cookie jar was produced in the early 40's in ada clay. The cookie jar and lid are in excellent condition. My question is: What is the current value?

Thanks for any information you can provide, sonny

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Boy, oh boy! You have a treasure! Gary Schaum's Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery places the value on your #99 "Cookie Jar with animal lid" (circa 1942) at $500-750.

I have seen photographs of the jar with the Trojan horse lid but, apparently, the lids were made with other animals as well. If any readers know which other animal pieces were used for the cookie jar lids, please enlighten us.

I'd like to think you picked it up in some out-of-the-way place, like a flea market, for five bucks, but perhaps it's been in your family forever. In any case, you have an amazing piece of Frankoma and our congratulations.

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