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Differences In Corn Meal?

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In particular, my question involves Martha White's white corn meal mixes. One (1) package says Buttermilk, Self-rising while the other (2) says Self-rising. Now since I make my cornbread with buttermilk, wouldn't the first one be the obvious choice?

Apparently not... the cornbread made with number 1 cooks, looks and tastes like a cake while number 2 makes great cornbread.

btw... this is simple cornbread... a cup of cornmeal mix, cup of buttermilk, tbsp sugar, an egg and a bit more oil than it takes to cover a small skillet.

So what's the diff in these two cornmeals and how would anyone ever know the difference other than wasting their money buying both packages like I did?? I'm certainly an un-happy camper as far as Martha White products are concerned.

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I have never used a cornbread mix in my life, and I don't believe in putting sugar in cornbread (I know, I know -- to each his own), so I'm not a good source for this information.

I checked out the Martha White cornbread mixes online at http://www.marthawhite.com/products/category5.aspx

While all the Martha White mixes contain sugars (either sugar and dextrose or just dextrose), the buttermilk mix contains 3 grams of sugar per serving, whereas the white cornbread mix contains only 1 gram of sugar per serving. The website says "Add milk or milk and egg to make just the right amount of cornbread for one meal," so I'm also assuming that the tablespoon of sugar you added was at your option.

But it boils down to the fact that the buttermilk cornbread mix contains three times as much sugar as the plain white cornbread. You really have to read the labels. I certainly don't understand why they would do this but, like I say, I have zero experience with cornbread mixes.

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You clicked on the wrong links on the Martha White web site. Click on Corn Meal... not Cornbread.

I've never used a "mix" either, although the corn meal sacks are also labled as "mixes" they aren't the same as the products shown under the cornbread link. And there are no sugars in the corn meal products I'm referring to.

My question concerns the corn meal products, specifically the difference between the two self-rising, white corn meal products.

Maybe someone who has used both of these can chime in and tell us the difference.

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