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Frankoma 16" Ewer Help Me

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Well, you don't need to send a photo because I just happen to have one. This particular piece is dear to my heart. I think it's an example of Frankoma at its most graceful.


Mold Nos. 77 and 77A are known as the fireside set. No. 77 is the vase and 77A is the ewer.

The value of either of these pieces depends upon when they were made. The fireside sets were made from 1942 to 1974, so they are to be found in both Ada (pre-1955) and Sapulpa clay. Glaze color is a factor, too, although I, personally, have seen these only in Prairie Green, Desert Gold and Sorghum Brown. Surely there were more colors. I consider myself lucky to own one of each in Ada clay/Prairie Green.

Book value for each piece in Sapulpa clay is $75-$85; for Ada clay $100-$125.

Type of clay and glaze color can date your piece more precisely, so a more detailed description would be helpful.

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