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My grandmother has a frankoma piece shaped like a human foot the Big toe is pointed up, the nails were painted red, she's had it since I was alittle girl and it says frankhoma 1959 wrtten on the bottom (with a tool as if written before harden instead of stamped) the glaze is as best I can describe is not dark brown, but maybe what is called prairie. It has a square to slightly rectangular cut opening in the instep, also the top of the ankle has an opening. She has always lived in the town adjacent to Sapulpa. Does any one have information about this piece?

New Info as of 10-07-07:

While looking on the ebay site I realized what prairie green was and my item is in the brown to tannish golden color with a slight greenish cast. I'm a little concerned because I saw a greenish-blue & dark brown called prairie green. Also, a rich tannish golden brown with hints of green with a lighter shading that was called prairie green

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