Terlingua Beef Jerky

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Hello everyone:

Well I'm trying to sprinkle a new posts on the new boards in the hopes of catalyzing some activity. I thought I'd use the opportutnity here to give a little "mini product review." About a month ago the El Reed 1870's Company of Knox City, TX contacted us, asking if we would review their Terlingua brand beef jerky.

We agreed, and in the mail arrived 3 plastic packages of their Terlingua beef jerky. The 1/4 lb. plastic paskage contains a generous amount of jerky. It is nicely packaged with a very stylish front photo of a old cowboy looking at you as you open the bag. Underneath reads the phrase "Keep A Package In Your Saddlebag."

Their jerky delicious and very well seasoned. I am not a self-appointed beef jerkey expert, However, I can say that it was happily tested here at our office. This is the real stuff. You can buy some off their website at , so give it a try!

Let them know where you heard about it.

Steve Labinski

Texas Cooking / Texana

Austin, TX

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