Gracetone- Canister Set And Spooner- Where Are They?

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Hope everyone is well- I am looking for the Gracetone Canister Susan 2ZC and the Gracetone Spooner 2Y. (Gary Schaum's book page 142). In my years of collecting Gracetone I have never come across these 2 pieces. I've seen just about everything else. Has anyone ever seen these pieces?

Does anyone have these pieces they'd like to sell? I am interested in the Cinnamon Toast glaze primarily.

Loved the article on Gracetone by Donna Frank in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Pot & Puma.

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I have never seen either piece, and I prowl eBay a lot. Glad to see you're a fellow FFCA member. I, too, enjoy the Pot & Puma -- read every word, even the Prairie Green sheet.

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