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Complete Set Of Frankoma Christmas Plates

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Hello All! I have a complete set of Frankoma Christmas plates--from 1965 to current. I need to sell the collection, and am trying to find its value. Can someone please advise me as to where I could find that information? Thanks!

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Keep an eye on eBay. I see individual Christmas plates there all the time, and I remember seeing a few complete sets like yours in the past. Just go to eBay and do a search on "Frankoma Christmas" and you'll find the Christmas plates. Within a week or so, you'll begin to get an idea of what your collection is worth.

Then, it's up to you as to how you want to sell them, either individually or as a set. Remember that people who collect the Christmas plates and are missing some may be willing to pay a nice price for the particular plate or plates they need. Selling items individually, admittedly, is a lot more trouble, but is probably more profitable.

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