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I can across this turquoise 8" vase awhile back and always thought it to be Fiesta. It does not have the Fiesta mark, though, but has some initials, so I am not sure. Does anyone have any ideas? Not sure if I added the pictures correctly to make them come up.

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Summitjem --

Your vase is definitely not Fiesta. There are several indications, the most significant being the backstamp. Fiesta pieces, unless they are very small or oddly shaped, have backstamps and, although there are different variations, they are all similar. Here is a slightly fuzzy photo that I just took of the bottom of a vintage turquoise carafe: fiestabackstamp01.jpg

I cannot make out the backstamp on your vase, but it definitely is not a Fiesta mark. And the color is more greenish than Fiesta turquoise. Also, there is an 8-inch vintage Fiesta vase, but the design is completely different than your vase. (I also looked at the Fiesta tumblers, in case your piece is a tumbler, and there is no such Fiesta design.)

Your vase was probably designed and produced around the same time (the 1930s) that Fiesta was. Fiesta was so popular that there were quite a few lines that mimicked the style.

I hope you aren't too disappointed. If you would like to collect Fiesta, there are many many opportunities. Ebay makes it particularly easy, but Fiesta can be found in collectible shops, yard sales and flea markets. If you have questions in the future, please don't hesitate to post them.

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