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Uneven Glaze On Light Green Relish Tray?

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Hello, I'm new here, but I've been collecting Fiesta for about 10 years.

I've wanted a relish tray forever, and I finally bought one on EBay. It came today, and what didn't show up in the photo was that the glaze is very uneven, almost down to the white in some places. From what I've read, Laughlin China wasn't selling seconds in the days of Light Green Fiestaware. Am I wrong? I hope so. I can live with it, if it isn't a fake.

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I'm going to assume that you are referring to the six-piece vintage Fiesta relish tray like this: fiesta_relish.jpg only with all green pieces (the green in the vintage pieces is usually referred to as "original green."

I know just how you feel. I once bought a Riviera covered casserole on ebay that looked terrific in the photos, but was shaded dark-to-light on the cover. It simply wasn't visible in the photos. You have to be careful.

Are all six pieces affected by the glaze variation? If your relish tray, except for colors, looks like the one pictured, I'm reasonably certain that it's genuine Fiesta. Remember that Fiesta was meant to be affordable, so it wasn't always perfect. It still isn't. I have seen some "firsts" that should have been seconds (not many, I'll admit), and I've seen "seconds" that look quite perfect to my eye. But a vintage Fiesta relish tray of any description -- unless it's broken, chipped or cracked -- is still a valuable piece, even with an uneven glaze.

I have enough ebay experience now that if I have doubts about a piece, I ask the seller for more photos. I've never encountered any seller that refused to do this.

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