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first time we are going to the tent sale in WV we are planning to be there the first day at 7 A/M. I have haerd it is like a circus. is it true? I am going with my husband uh oh and if it is as bad as I think I am in deep doo doo. Is the last day of the sale as bad as the first? I was thinking of going on Saturday instead of Thursday.



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I've never been to the sale, but I've seen photos and videos shown at the HLCCA convention, and it really looks like a zoo. Some people -- dealers usually -- bring trailers and fill them with Fiesta. Some people attend every sale without fail. There are long lines and it's crowded, but there's definitely a carnival atmosphere. It would be my guess that the last day wouldn't be as crowded as the first, but you have to remember that the early bird gets the worm. There's only so much Fiesta available, and the first-day people get the best selection (although they do bring more merchandise into the sale room as it gets sold).

For those of you not familiar with this semi-annual sale, it is June 14, 15 and 16, and is held at the factory location in Newell, West Virginia. For details, visit the Homer Laughlin China Company's Tent Sale page.

A tip I picked up from the video: Some people put thick socks on their hands and arms while pawing through all the dishes. This isn't the kind of sale where everything is neatly arranged on shelves. Most of it is stacked in bins, and it can be very dusty. The socks are useful in wiping off the dust so that imperfections can be spotted -- this is a seconds sale, after all -- and the long socks protect people's hands and arms from the dust and grime, too.

I think this sale is pretty much for the die-hard Fiesta fans but, apparently, there are thousands of you out there.

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