How To Tell Real Fiesta From Imitation

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I recently purchased two what I think are Fiesta pitchers off ebay. A yellow pitcher has an opening where the handle meets the pitcher, the turquoise one does not. Also, the turqoise pitcher has many whitish, round small areas on both sides, where the turquoise coloring is very light. On the bottom of this one, there are numerous whitish round areas also--is this one a fake? Even though it has the fiesta stamp on the bottom? The other pitcher, a yellow one, has no whitish areas; its color is solid throughout (but has the hole in the handle!). Both have no chips or cracks. But, did I get two fakes?

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I'm having a little trouble visualizing your pitchers. The yellow one (hole where the handle meets the pitcher) sounds like the yellow one here:


That's the classic Fiesta disc water jug. I'm not at all sure what your other pitcher is. The lavender one pictured is the post-1986 version of the Fiesta carafe, but there are quite a few other Fiesta pitchers.

From the sound of the unevenness of the glaze on your turquoise pitcher, you may have received a second -- a piece that for whatever reason did not glaze evenly. Many Fiesta seconds are sold through their outlet store.

If you could post photos it would be very helpful.

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