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Help Me Identify And Value

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Hi I am new to frankoma also. I have gotten a pretty large set and have no idea what it is called. It is a greenish/blueish color with dark green around edges? I have two candle holders that look like sailboats to me, with the stickers still on them and frankoma 305 stamped on the bottom. One little cup like item with 4 pedalstal legs wtih 1B and a strange symbol of FP. Small tumblers with 5LS Frankoma stamped on bottom. Bowls with thumb rest marked 4X frankoma. Plates 5GS; Plates 5F Frankoma; 2 salt and pepper shakers with no markings, two handles, and 3 rings around middle and 1 around bottom. One teapot or creamer with 6J stamped on it. And 3 long type plates with 5PS. I have several others but this could help get me started. THankS!

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Your pieces that begin with a "5" (except maybe for one), are Plainsman dinnerware pieces:

5F: 10" plate, Book Value $6-$8

5GS: 6" plate, Book Value $3.50-$5

5PS: 9" platter, Book Value $4-$6

I could not find a 5LS, but look closely to see if it isn't marked 5LC. The 5LC is a 6-ounce juice tumbler, and its book value is $3.50-$5.

Your 4X is a Lazybones 14-ounce cereal bowl, book value $3.50-$5.

The 1B is a miniature sugar bowl not part of any of the dinnerware lines. It was made from 1965 to 1978, and has a book value of $7-$8.

The #305 candle holders were made from 1950 to 1978 with a book value of $10-$12.50 per pair for Sapulpa clay and $15-$30 per pair for Ada clay. Ada clay is the light beige clay (Sapulpa clay is red or dark pink) that Frankoma used up until near the end of 1954. Ada clay pieces are worth more because they can be specifically dated before 1955.)

What has me stumped is your description of the color. Prairie Green is a rather light goldish green with brown accents. Woodland Moss is a muted blue with brown accents. So I'm not at all sure about the glaze color. A quick look at Frankoma on eBay will probably help you find and identify your color.

All these "book values," by the way, are from the Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery by Gary V. Schaum, and are only a guide to average prices.

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