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I hope you can help. Is it true there were only 300 sugar caddies were made and only were available from the outlet? Are there any other pieces in new chartruese that are very limited? Thank you.

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I have found some rather conflicting information on this topic. Fiesta, Harlequin & Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares, which is a very authoritative book on the subject (it's The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association Guide), makes this statement in a caption next to a photo of a black sugar caddy:

Sugar Caddy - This popular item is from the HLC Fiesta Mates line. The caddy is taken from a restaurant line then dipped in a Fiesta glaze. At the end of chartreuse production, several hundred chartreuse caddies and napkin rings were made and sold exclusively at the HLC outlet store.

It says this about the napkin rings:

Sold in sets of four, the napkin rings are popular with many collectors. When the production of chartreuse was about to end, HLC decided to make a few hundred napkin ring sets in that color that were sold at their outlet store. They had previously been unavailable in that color and are now highly sought.

No value is given for either the sugar caddy or the napkin rings.

However, in Homer Laughlin Decades of Dinnerware, another excellent book, the value given in its 2003-2004 price guide for a Chartreuse sugar caddy is a mere $12, while a single napkin ring is valued at $16. These rather modest prices would not seem to square with the comparative rarity of these pieces if, in fact, only "several hundred" were made.

So far, this is all the information I have been able to come up with on this subject, but I invite you Fiesta experts out there to further enlighten us.

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