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I just recently purchased the Sequoyah alphabet triviet (2 different ones) as my husband is Cherokee. Did the Frankoma Pottery Company quit making the pottery in 2004? I get conflicting answers on the internet and I don't know which one is true.

I donated one of the trivets to the Cherokee Museum in Lawrenceburg, TN.

Wopila, for any information that you may help me with.

Doksa Akee,


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Frankoma "closed" on December 31, 2004, but was sold to new owners who opened up again in 2005. It's still called Frankoma, and they still make some of the same pieces, but they have added new items, notably dinnerware and bakeware.

If you go to their website at http://www.frankoma.com and click on "Shop Online," you can see what is available. Apparently, they still sell some of the old Frankoma pieces such as the Elephant and Donkey mugs, Christmas plates, the 6-inch boot, Pony Tail Girl and, the Five Civilized Tribes Trivet, but I do not believe the Sequoyah Alphabet Trivet is still being made. I do not know if all of the older pieces are still being made or if some are merely leftover inventory.

Fortunately, I still see the Sequoyah Alphabet Trivet on eBay fairly often so, if you want to expand your collection along that line, it shouldn't be too difficult.

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