Value Of Frankoma A8

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Hello Linda --

Your piece is an 8-1/2 inch Jardinere in what looks to be the Woodland Moss glaze. This piece had a 35-year run at Frankoma -- 1950 to 1985 -- so there are lots of them out there. From your photo of the bottom of the piece (your photos are excellent, by the way), I would say it is definitely not Ada clay but, instead, a great example of the red Sapulpa clay used from 1955 on. In any case, Woodland Moss was introduced in 1960, therefore, the A8 is no older than that.

This is a nice design with a nice glaze; however, book value for the piece in Sapulpa clay is only $9. It appears to be in excellent condition though, so you never know what it might bring at auction.

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