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You must be a Texan who has moved out of state. I can sympathize. I lived in Massachusetts for 5 years and, while I really loved it there, I couldn't wait to get back to Texas. And I really missed the food. I was once served Nachos in Boston that had, among other things, mashed potatoes on them. :blink:

Anyway, about your question . . . I don't have specific information. But I've been around a long time and I remember that what we know today as 7-Layer Dip started around the early Sixties. I have no idea who originated it or where.

As far as Tex-Mex is concerned, it didn't just "get started" one day. You have to remember that Texas was once part of Mexico. People here have been eating tortillas and beans and enchiladas and tamales for hundreds of years. Probably what you want to know is when people started calling it Tex-Mex, and my best guess would put that sometime during the Sixties, too.

Anyone with more specific information is welcome to jump in here.

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Guest Brooke

thank you. i appreciate the insight. i'm actually a new yorker who spent three years in texas. i'm back in new york now and just love tex mex!

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