Bar-b-cued Butterflied Leg Of Pork

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I normally butterfly & marinade a leg of lamb when having a Bar-b-cue but thought I would try something different on this occassion by buterflying a Leg of Pork.

I have however been unable to locate a recipe.

Have I missed the point of butterflying meat, I thought it would be a nice change, but the absence of any recipes is making me think I should not be trying it.

I may finish up just Bar-b-cueing the leg of pork on the bone, perhaps that is the answer.

Does anyone have any recipes or ideas.

Thank You

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I posed your question to John Raven, our barbecue expert, and this is what he had to say:

"Butterflying" is just removing the bone in this case. Any recipe for pork shoulder will work. It's gonna take longer than lamb because it's larger and needs to be cooked to a higher internal temperature.

John can be a man of few words, but they're usually the right words. Hope this is helpful.

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