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Question About Pumas

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I have been collecting Frankoma for about 10 years, and my specialty is the pumas- I have a couple of dozen, 114s, 116s, minis and shakers in a rainbow of glazes.

I have often wondered why we see so few reclining pumas in Ada clay (or even older Sapulpa). All of my Ada pumas are sitting pumas, and I almost never see any reclining pumas in Ada on eBay (and drat, the last one went while I wasn't looking and for a very good price!!!)

Were there just many fewer reclining pumas made (although you'd think they would come in sets?) or were they just more susceptible to breakage, like the tail of the large Setter or the neck of the Mini Swan?

Inquiring minds want to know...

And hey, if anyone is looking to find a new home for any pumas, let me know!

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