Two Tall Vases

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Greetings from Missouri. I have 2 Frankoma Vases. Thye are appx 13 inches tall, wider at the bottom and come to an angle at the top. They are also a greenish blue color. On the bottom they are marked FRANKOMA V-6 AND signed grace lee frank in script. The numbers on one is 2448 and 2439 on the other. I would love to know about these..thank you!

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From 1969 to 1983 Frankoma produced a series of limited edition collector vases -- a different vase each year. Your V-6 vases are from 1974, and they were indeed designed (and signed) by Grace Lee Frank. There were 5000 of the V-6 produced, and you have numbers 2448 and 2439. The V-6 was produced in one color only -- celadon -- with a black base. The "Collectors Guide to Frankoma Pottery" places the value of the V-6 at $75-$85.


I personally find the V-6 to be one of most lovely of the series with its graceful lines and beautiful glaze.

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