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Frankoma Vase Value?

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Hi, I just purchased a Frankoma vase and would appreciate any information about it. It has the older looking matt green glaze with small, light streaks of tan toward the top. It is 6.5" high, 2.5" in diameter at the top, flaring to 3.5" toward the bottom. The markings consist of 2 stamped lines. The first is "FRANK POTTERIES," and the second is "NORMAN OKLAHOMA." The clay is a buff color. I believe it is from the mid-1930's. It has no chips, cracks, hairlines, repairs, glaze pops, etc. Does NORMAN mean there is some connection to the University of Oklahoma? And, would anyone know an approximate value? Thanks for your help!

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I cannot be certain without seeing it, but the piece you describe sounds like the #27 vase. This piece was made from 1933 to 1938 and, because yours is ink-stamped



we know it is among the first pieces ever produced by John Frank when he first set up his pottery in Norman, OK, in 1933. (John Frank created the Ceramic Art Department at the University of Oklahoma in Norman after graduating from the Chicago Art Institute in 1927. He moved his company to Sapulpa, Oklahoma, in 1938.)

The year of production of the #27 is likely 1933, but would be no later than February, 1934. I do not know if you were aware of what you were buying, but what you have here is one of the Holy Grails of Frankoma.

The color you describe is probably Verde Bronze, which was renamed Bronze Green in 1938, again renamed Patina in 1942, and finally named Prairie Green in 1944.

The stated book value of this little vase is $350-400, but these pieces are so rare, it is possible it would bring a good deal more at auction. My congratulations on your purchase!

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