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I hope some one can help identify some frankoma I have, it is a set of 4 bowls with handles, four different colors, blue with brown, mint green with brown, cream with brown and sandy brown with brown. the number on the bottom of these is 4sc. I only have this set but I really like it and am thinking of collecting and will buy a book if you can recomend one, thank you.......lp

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You have four 11-ounce soup cups in the Lazybones dinnerware pattern. From your description of the colors, I'd say they are Woodland Moss, Prairie Green, Desert Gold and Brown Satin. Lazybones was in production from 1953 to 1991, so it is possible to find early pieces in Ada clay.

You can find Lazybones pieces on eBay easily. Just be sure to search under both "frankoma lazybones" and "frankoma lazy" because some people spell lazybones as two words. I think it's a very graceful, almost sculptural pattern, and it can be found in many glazes.

Here are some Lazybones photos I pulled from eBay today. They are a five-piece place setting in Robins Egg blue, the unique one-piece S&P shaker in Prairie Green, and the butter dish, in a darker Prairie Green.


All Lazybones pieces are marked with a 4 followed by a one- or two-letter designation for the piece.

There are several good books available to Frankoma collectors, but my favorite is Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery by Gary V. Schaum. It's available on amazon.com, and it's often sold on eBay.

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