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I am assuming that you are referring to Frankoma dinnerware.

Catalogs for the dinnerware lines Frankoma introduced in the 1990s -- the Sportsman Collection, Ranch Collection, Native American Collection and Holiday Collection -- were clearly marked "Microwaveable, Dishwasher safe and Ovenproof." And that's about as definite as I can be.

I am fairly certain that the older dinnerware lines -- Wagon Wheels, Plainsman, Lazybones, Westwind and Mayan-Aztec -- contained minerals that would prevent them from being microwaveable. Microwave ovens didn't come into general use until the late 1960s-early 1970s, and Frankoma had produced a lot of dinnerware by then. I am sure, however, they were (and are) ovenproof. After all, they were fired in a kiln at temperatures that far exceed anything that a kitchen oven could produce. It would seem likely that they would be dishwasher safe, too, except for older pieces that might have crazing. But I do not know this to be an absolute fact.

I will say this: Nobody ever instructed me not to put my old Frankoma -- and here I'm talking about the art pottery -- not the dinnerware -- in the dishwasher. But I would not do it. When I have to clean an old piece, I wash it very quickly using as little water as possible, and then I dry it immediately. I want to avoid the possibility of moisture working its way into the piece and causing damage. I do not know if this is really necessary -- like I said, nobody ever told me -- but these pieces are made of clay, and clay is very porous.

I hope that someone more knowledgeable than I am will jump in here and help us out.

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